Stay safe - Manage compliance with the latest thermal and biometric technology

Time n Attendance

Why Time & Attendance?

Highly customised solution, fully integrated with Payroll and HR

On Premise and in the Cloud


  • Pay accurately for hours worked - daily sign off and period authorisation
  • Pre-authorisation of overtime hours 
  • Customise shift patterns 
  • Staff rostering
  • Staff leave management
  • Access Control
  • Visitor management
  • Resource planning and management (ESS)
  • Interfaces with other payrolls, including Sage
  • Full employee self service (ESS) and mobile app


  • Access Control
  • Biometric, fingerprint, face, palm and card readers / clocks
  • Thermal and temperature detection readers / clocks / scanners
  • Mask identification readers / clocks
  • ZKTeco, neaMetrics (Suprema), Ideco (Sagem, Safran Morpho)
  • Booms, Turnstiles, Maglocks, Booths / Tunnels
  • No touch sensor buttons, non-tactile clocking
  • IP-rated for outdoor use (IP67, IP68)
  • Battery backups - load shedding control management (clockings stored offline)
  • Portable readers, LAN (Wifi), WAN options