Privacy Policy

PeopleWare MOBI is the mobile extension of the Employee and Manager Self Service application which works with Accsys PeopleWare's integrated Payroll, Time & Attendance and Human Resource Management suite.

Employees can browse through payslips, view leave history, apply for leave, and clock into an area using geo-location and QR tags using this application.

Managers can approve leave requests, see if staff arrived for work yet, be notified of staff member's birthdays, training status, leave status, etc.

PeopleWare MOBI does not share any information with any 3rd party systems. It communicates with the Accsys PeopleWare database which is typically hosted by purchasers of the PeopleWare system.

PeopleWare MOBI uses the following sensitive permissions:


No photos are taken or stored by PeopleWare MOBI. The camera is required for scanning QR codes when you clock in at a particular location.


The location permission is required to confirm your location when clocking into a particular PeopleWare designated area. It will only be used when you attempt to clock in using a QR code.


The calendar permission is required to add approved leave to your calendar.