Accsys provides the only online National Qualification in Payroll Administration Services in Africa.

Payroll Qualification

The course is available as:

  • FET Certificate - NQF level 4 (SAQA ID: 66169)
  • Diploma - NQF level 5 (SAQA ID: 67229)
  • Customised payroll short courses

Enjoy an all-round learning experience in a virtual classroom environment. Interact with other learners without the pressure of having to physically move to attend lectures.



What can you do as a qualified Payroll Administrator? Be your organisations internal client face, ensuring payments are correct and on time Understand the statutory requirements for payroll Understand and be able to calculate:

  • Tax, Medical Aid, Pension Fund, Provident Fund, Allowances and Reimbursements
  • Manage many HR processes within your company

You will learn:

  • Payroll best practice and statutes
  • Accurate tax calculation
  • Importance of confidentiality and best practice record keeping
  • Tax year end procedures
  • Project Management
  • Financial matters (accounting principles)
  • Team management
  • Recruitment and selection

For the learner:

  • Improve your career prospects
  • Become confident in your role
  • Gain a qualification for the work you do daily
  • Learn while you earn
  • Slots into your busy schedule
  • Networking and knowledge sharing with other learners across the country
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access*

For the Employer

  • Retain staff
  • Develop engaged employees
  • Recover costs through skills levy
  • Reduced payroll risk

Why take this route?

Most people working in a payroll environment have not obtained a recognised qualification for their vital role within the company. Why not obtain a qualification in your field of expertise? It will improve your career opportunities, and guarantee you recognition for your specialised skill set.

Learner Entry Requirements

Proven track record in payroll, or Grade 12 qualification (NQF level 4), which includes:

  • Mathematical Literacy (NQF level 3)
  • Communication (NQF level 3)
  • Computer Literacy (NQF level 5)


Certificate Modules

  • Introduction to Payrolls
    • A general introduction to payroll and the virtual learning environment that will be used in the course, called “Moodle”. Business administration and communication (written, verbal & oral) are covered.
  • Payroll Legislation
    • Discover team ethics, while working on a group task, focusing on the legislation affecting a payroll environment. Reflection of the teamwork is encouraged throughout. The Learner is introduced to basic tax, SDL, UIF , etc.
  • The Payroll, IT and Data
    • Explore the importance of confidentiality within a payroll environment, IT needs, how data is stored and saved and implications of poor data management. Assignments cover payout procedures, employee movement and audits.
  • The Payroll Administration Office
    • Exposure to 3-dimensional designs, customer service and how to handle workplace conflict.
  • Tax Calculation
    • Exposure to legislation controlling payroll and work through tax calculations (income, PAYE, RFI etc.). Spreadsheet tools are used, challenging Excel capabilities. Mentor discussions and online learner chats are encouraged.

Diploma Modules

  • Tax Year End Procedures
    • This module takes the Learner through the tax year end process, calendar year end and financial year end. The importance of accurate reports is also dealt with.
  • Payroll - The Law and Accountancy
    • Learn to prepare a Personal Tax Return, as well as aspects of payroll based on simple accounting in order to understand and fulfill the more complicated financial role, concepts and principles relating to business ethics, redundancy documents and making use of spreadsheets.
  • Project Management
    • After being taken through the theory of Project Management, the learner will select a project. They will be expected to practice sound project management and business planning skills while involved in a project in their workplace.
  • Management and Payroll
    • This module covers leadership and management styles. It also covers the process around Recruitment and Performance Management .

Training Methods

Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments, Workplace Assignments, Terminology, Blog or Wiki, Discussions/Cyber Coffees, Forums and Resources.

Technical Requirements

You will need the following to access the online learning environment:

  • Access to the Internet (at home or approved by your employer) for sufficient time to discuss queries with your fellow students, and to be able to complete projects / tasks. Recommended minimum connection speed of 56k per second.
  • Any Office package with access to MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - download it from



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