CEO And Chief Bottle Washer?
August 15, 2014

Yes, women are managing companies but do we still have our egos in domesticity? Readers, I have to admit I love to…

Was That A Compliment????
August 14, 2014

Sometimes I just don't know how to respond to things people say.

One of my favourite conversation…

Businesses Have To Master HR To Seriously Compete
July 29, 2014

Today’s business market demands that operators ensure their Human Resource is effectively managed, agile,…

Accsys Behind Female Empowerment In The Workplace
July 12, 2014

In line with its human resource development and ongoing contribution to skills development in South Africa,…

Should You Pour The Tea?
July 06, 2014

"Will you be mom?" was a frequent request in my early boardroom days. Not to mention, "will you take the notes?"…

Payroll As A Career
July 02, 2014

It is National Payroll Week, and choosing Payroll as a career has to be top of mind.

From way back in…