Launch BCom Payroll

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Launch BCom Payroll

The 2nd of March 2016 served as a momentous occasion as individuals arrived at The Da Vinci Institute in anticipation of the journey that lies ahead.

The Da Vinci Institute hosted the very first workshop of the BCom (Business Management) programme applied to Payroll employees. Together with Da Vinci associate Accsys, and the South African Payroll Association (SAPA), the design and development of the qualification serves to cultivate managerial leaders within the field of payroll management.

The qualification facilitates certain managerial leadership practices within modules that focus on business management, financial accounting, economics, statistics, payroll and more in the first year.

This also includes the specification of a work based challenge. The work based challenge is, in essence, a burning question or issue that the student has experienced or observed within their organisation and this module takes the shape of a research project that is covered over the 3 year journey, to assist in solving the complexities of these challenges.

In addition to the business modules within this programme, specific modules in the programme are applied to payroll management which include statutory regulations and taxation; payroll preparation, processing and reporting and data analytics. The students specialises in Payroll Management, with an option to major also in Human Resources Management, of Business Management.

The 2nd and 3rd year modules facilitate the inclusion of the TIPS modules which look at the Management of Technology, the Management of Innovation, the Management of People and the Management of Systems.

In is important to note that as adult learners, students who have embarked on such a journey do so on a part time basis in between work, life and family commitments.

The essence of this journey can often be described as a spiritual journey at an academic institution and we thus hope that students embrace the development, growth and openness that they experience in themselves, their organisations and society at large.

As The Da Vinci Institute and Accsys co-create new workplace realities with students, our dream is to contribute together toward a sustainable society and provide the world with managerial leaders that will effectively solve problems, think creatively and make well-informed decisions.

Article written by: Da Vinci