Dads For Daughters

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Dads For Daughters

Over the past few days I have been struck by the number of times I have had young women say to me "my dad said I should take the chance/could do it/ must try". Each time these ladies have been faced with a challenge, and based on the courage given them by their fathers, they have stepped up to the plate. Successfully.

And I wonder if these dads recognise the incredible freedom that they have given their daughters?

I was very much aware, as my daughters were growing up, that some of their friends were not given opportunities. Even in this day and age, there are parents who still believe that further education is wasted on women, as they are “just going to get married and have babies”.

While this may be true, girls also have a right to be encouraged to use their minds, and should not be forced by history to be dependent.

At Accsys over this past week we have been privileged to graduate 50 young people who now have formal qualifications in Payroll Administration.

And each of these people have had family members who have supported them through gaining a qualification as a working adult. Each of these people have had a job to do during working hours, many have had families to care for after work, and each has had people around them who understand how critical it is that they develop and grow. We celebrated with them last week at our various graduation ceremonies, and have photos to prove their pride.

Men, please encourage your daughters, sisters or wives to follow their dreams. The He for She campaign was launched by Emma Watson in September 2014 in a speech at the UN – let’s follow her advice.

Article written by: Cathie Webb, Chief Operations Officer

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