8 Benefits Of Employee Self-Service Software And Why Your Organisation Needs It

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8 Benefits Of Employee Self-Service Software And Why Your Organisation Needs It

HR already have a lot on their plates handling grievances, hiring staff and training; all whilst ticking off those boxes on their payroll checklist . If you have ever heard about Employee Self-Service Software (ESS) but are not really sure what it entails, here are eight benefits of ESS and how your organisation can profit from it.

It Handles Payroll, T & A and HR Issues
Employees get access to and can update their personal information such as their telephone number, address and banking details. They are also able to conveniently apply for leave, submit travel claims and view their payslips online. Employers get to approve leave and get an overview on overall time worked and attendance.

It’s Paperless
Going green, which was once stereotyped as a hipster trend, has now become crucial for everyone, especially big corporations. Digitalisation has allowed us to use less of the earth’s depleting resources whilst getting the job done. Using employee self-service software eliminates paper usage which saves time, money and ultimately helps the fight against deforestation and climate change.

It Saves Time
The whole point of ESS is for employees to manage their own details, which would have otherwise been the job of HR. Everything is electronic and available in real time so those somewhat tedious tasks can be completed within minutes, which essentially saves time. As the age old saying goes: TIME IS MONEY!

Improved Efficiency
Because employees are responsible for their own details, which can be easily accessed and amended by both the employee and employer, HR get to focus on more strategic and urgent tasks. Productivity increases for all parties. It’s a win-win.

Employee Engagement & Empowerment
ESS can be extremely user-friendly, it’s just a matter of logging in. There is also a sense of transparency which promotes accountability and reduces absenteeism. Employees are empowered by being given the responsibility to manage their own information which encourages employees to use it and use it often.

So now that we have covered the benefits for your employees, let’s see how Employee Self Service Software can benefit YOU, the employer

Legal Compliance and Decreased Risk
Compliance risk is reduced as employee-entered data is likely to be more accurate than data being entered by another party.

Using statistics and data analysis, employee self-service software analytics can help employers gain insights on their workforce to make data driven decisions to improve business performance.

Increased Profit Margin
All the benefits of having an employee self-service software in place all tie up into one overall benefit – increased profit margin. Increased productivity, reduced risk, lower resources costs, employee engagement and time being saved to do more data driven, strategic tasks all influence an organisations bottom line.

You’re probably wondering which ESS software is best for YOUR organisation

The Accsys PeopleWare ESS offers solutions for both employee and manager. Available for PC’s, laptops and as a mobile app, you will be able to manage all your details anywhere, anytime.

For more information or an obligation free presentation, contact our sales department or call 0861 ACCSYS.