3 Things To Do BEFORE You Resign

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3 Things To Do BEFORE You Resign

or sign a new contract…

1. Confirm your notice period

  • A lot of companies allow 30 days from date of resignation, but many ask for a calendar month

2. Check your restraints

  • If you are joining a competitor
  • If you are joining a client

3. Find out when your last payment will be transferred

  • Companies have been burned by paying over on the 25th, and people not returning, so they may delay payment transfer until the last official working day, or even the first day of the following month. You may need to make special arrangements regarding debit orders…

Both your current company and your new one deserve to be fairly treated. Knowledge of the policies makes this possible.

Even if the policies don’t make sense to you, you agreed to them when you signed your contract.

HR managers will tell you how many great working relationships are damaged because people don’t follow policy when resigning.

It’s worth taking the time for many good reasons. Building a solid career can depend just as much on how you leave as it does on what you delivered.

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