Manage your leave effectively and accurately via tools giving trend analysis, leave provision audits, resource pool planning.  On premise or in the cloud.  Manage your staff leave from anywhere, anytime using web based Employee and Manager Self Service (ESS) and mobile app.


What can PeopleWare Leave do for you?

BCEA and customisable rule structures for all leave types. Multiple leave types per employee. Real time balance calculation. Upload sick notes. Diagnosis table included. Store emergency medical contact details.

  • All leave types accurately calculated
  • Daily or monthly accumulation
  • Accurate leave provision audits
  • Leave calculation diagnostics
  • Resource pool management
  • Web based Employee and Manager Self Service optional
  • Incredibly flexible shift management 
  • Caters for industrial council requirements


  • Customisable rule structures for all leave types
  • Multiple leave types per employee
  • Real time balance calculation
  • Upload sick notes
  • Diagnosis table included
  • Store emergency medical contact details
  • IOD conversion
  • Configurable work week and public holidays
  • Unpaid leave automatically updates payroll


  • Accurate leave provisions
  • 13 week averaging available
  • Graphic interface simplifies trend analysis
  • Future leave balances in a flash
  • Identify absenteeism patterns
  • Eliminates paperwork if used with ESS workflow