They do say dark chocolate is good for you, don't they? And a little glass of red wine every now and then..

This time of year is definitely about food for many of us, preparing it, eating it, clearing up afterwards. And chocolate is high up on the indulgent food list (Also doesn't mess up the pots, pans and plates).

There are very few people who do not have a level of guilt around the amount of chocolate they eat, or would eat if it was considered a healthy snack.

Could we get scientists to move from String Theory to Chocolate as a health food? Wouldn’t that be amazing?  I have a few more food items they could work on, if chocolate is sorted.

It is an ongoing challenge that so much of the good stuff is a guilty pleasure. I am very much aware that my self discipline is a bit like Swiss Cheese, visible but full of holes.

So what about are my guilty pleasures? (chocolate is not a significant one, believe it or not)

  • Reading fantasy books - Not too many baby boomer women (I think bb sounds better than middle aged, older, old or mature) seem to enjoy them, too. If you are out there, please let me know. Although, the whole world is now addicted to Game of Thrones...
  • Standing right next to the buffet at cocktail parties, because what is better than cocktail food (and one at a time seems less guilt inducing than a full plate, pretty much the same as if nobody sees you eating, it doesn't count as calories)
  • Tapas Bars (same as above) – really enjoyed Workshop 55, thanks to 702 Radio
  • Playing online games like funtrivia, Scrabble and Diamond Dash, and telling myself that it keeps my brain active
  • Freezocinos and Frappés, managed to move from one a day, to one a month but am slowly drifting back into the regular habit. In fact, one today could be on the horizon.
  • FroYo - most particularly Salted Caramel and Black Sesame, I could have one every day, but the Black Sesame is in Australia, so I limit myself to Salted Caramel once a week and tell myself its yogurt so it’s definitely a healthy treat.
  • High tea with exotic cocktails, any time ( I don't drink tea), especially if I am missing gym class to be there.........
  • Staying at home for a whole weekend, no grocery shopping and no makeup, just reading, TV, a few online games and some of the food mentioned above…..
  • Excel Analytics when I should be answering eMails
  • And also on the business side, planning an unstructured day when I can catch up at my leisure
  • Totally inappropriate high heeled shoes, just to include the completely frivolous aspect

And those were just off the top of my head.  I do love carrots, though, especially the way my sister makes them.

So looking over them, I might not have a big chocolate weakness, but food figures high on the guilty pleasure list.  Would love to hear about yours.

This is probably my last blog of the year, so wishing you a wonderful festive season and all the best for 2017.

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Edited Article: First version published April, 2014

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