Empower your workforce - give them control of their own data via Employee Self Service (ESS).

Employee Self Service

Why PeopleWare ESS?

When your employees manage their own data, resources are freed up allowing you to focus on core business. Our single database solution enables ESS for Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance

On Premise and in the Cloud

  • Employees are able to
    • Apply for leave
    • View current and historical payslips
    • View current and historical tax certificates
    • Update personal information
      • Next of kin
      • Medical aid dependents
      • Change of address, etc
    • Apply for training
    • Submit travel and commission claims
    • View Leave status
    • View Time & Attendance information
  • Managers are able to
    • View team statistics via dashboard
    • Approve leave
    • Apply for leave on behalf of direct reports
    • View leave history and balances for direct reports 
    • Manage leave resource planning
    • View or print reports
      • First-in Last-out clocking
      • Absenteeism
      • Late comer, early leaver
      • Leave
    • Authorisation of hours
    • Rostering

Employee Self Service (ESS) is fully password protected and based on a workflow model. ESS is designed around your management structure. Tasks are assigned according to the structure and move through the workflow based on the rules of your business.


  • PC, laptop and/or mobile device
  • Web based
  • Paperless
  • Significant reduction in administration time (proven ROI)
  • Accurate view of workforce (lateness, absenteeism, etc.)
  • Relevant Analytics in the hands of line managers
  • Workflow rules based on your company's structure
  • Handles ESS for payroll, T & A and HR issues