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Payroll Training Certifications

National Qualification in Payroll Administration Services

Accsys offers a unique online payroll qualification course which is designed to help you advance your knowledge, skills and career as a payroll professional:

The course is available as:

  • FET Certificate - NQF level 4 (SAQA ID: 66169)
  • Diploma - NQF level 5 (SAQA ID: 67229)
  • Customised payroll short courses

Enjoy an all-round learning experience in a virtual classroom environment. Be able to access the online programme from anywhere in the world. Get to virtually meet and chat with other payroll professionals.


  • Certificate  R 24 310,00
  • Diploma       R 34 520,00

The above prices include assessments 

Prices excludes VAT.

Intake dates for next year:

  • 8th  February 2021
  • 3rd  May 2021

FAQ Section

Payroll Qualification

Yes, it is possible to pay the tuition fees in your personal capacity. It is always a good idea to speak to your employer about your interest in pursuing a job-related qualification as some companies have policies in place to fund employee training and up-skilling.
The National FET Certificate (NQF Level 4) and National Diploma (NQF Level 5) qualification in Payroll Administration Services, offered by Accsys PTY (Ltd), are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and accredited by the Services SETA.
Is the National Diploma/Certificate in Payroll Administration Services accredited. Accsys is a Services SETA accredited Training Provider. The qualifications are registered with SAQA.
As a Level 1 B-BBEE Service Provider, companies will benefit from the preferential procurement. Companies contributing towards SDL are entitled to skills development grants. The payroll qualification is a registered learnership. Companies can receive tax incentives from SARS for participating in learnerships. Learnership Discretionary grants may also be received from SETA. Employers can apply for Edu-Tax Back, which is a tax relief initiative created specifically for employees who are currently funding their own education or that of their dependents.
An individual with a formal qualification gains a broader perspective of the profession and can use their knowledge to add value to the payroll function and the business as a whole. The qualifications on offer will give you the skills and confidence you need, not only to grow your career in payroll but also to steer it in a direction that is aligned with your future career goals. The South Africa Payroll Association (SAPA) has professional designations which are based on qualifications and experience. It is highly recommended that you apply to become a SAPA member.
Payroll is a dynamic profession. Statutory changes are continuous. It is important that payroll practitioners remain up to date with all the changes taking place in the current with the ever-evolving Human Resource and Payroll environment.
Proven payroll experience, or Grade 12 qualification (NQF level 4), which includes:
Mathematical Literacy (NQF level 3)
English (NQF level 3)
Computer Literacy (NQF level 3).