Starting a new financial or tax year may involve reflection and reassessment of how business practices have been conducted previously. Many companies wish to save time, streamline processes and ultimately save operating costs – we look at outsourcing and the evolution of payroll administration, and how it can simplify your business processes.

Traditionally, payroll administration has been a manual task for companies, involving higher overhead costs of staff, billable hours and the possibility of human error. Payroll administration has evolved to more automated systems to run your HR and Payroll functions smoothly and efficiently.

We highlight how the core benefits of automating your Payroll Administration can benefit your business:

  • Using trustworthy software ensures that your payroll administration is recognized by the South African Revenue Service and adheres to South African legislation.
  • Automatically calculates hours worked, tax, employee contributions and more.
  • Payroll software can be tailored to your business needs and adjusted as your business grows.
  • Empowers your employees with self-service software, while keeping up to date with their records.
  • Creates IRP5’s and payslips faster and on time.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on manual processes, saving you money and higher protection from costly errors.

Payroll software has become increasingly cost effective for various enterprises. An additional option to automating your Payroll Administration, is the alternative of outsourcing this company task. You get access to industry professionals without the full cost of employing them as an inhouse team.

As your business grows, so does the number of your employees. This may be a daunting task for payroll administration to ensure that all payroll functions are processed accurately and in the required time frames. Outsourcing HR and Payroll functions gives you more time to focus on what is important to your business and its future goals.

Choosing the right system or outsourcing for your business can be influenced by software reputation, service and if these new processes will indeed benefit your business. We pride ourselves on being an award-winning software company in South Africa, specializing in People Management Solutions. Contact our expert team today -