This does depend on how strategic your career planning is.

Today, with continual online presence, people are being head hunted like never before.

This means that attractive opportunities are shared with potential candidates based on their online qualifications, skills and experience.

It also means that the stronger your cv, the more likely you are to be approached on a regular basis, enabling you to pick and choose.

Is there a downside?

There are many schools of thought on this.  Some companies are very nervous about taking on people who have shown that they move frequently, considering them a risk. Others have the approach that they might be the long term resting place, and, if not, hope to leverage the skill set and knowledge quickly.

It also depends on industry and length of projects. If an employee consistently moves before a project is completed, this will start to look shaky on the resumé.

Your career health starts from your first position.  In the same way that you look after your physical well being, you need to consider your career’s strength and longevity.

More money always sounds appealing, however, it can come with a price.  Longer hours, tougher circumstances, higher expectations, and uncertain working conditions can all be part of the price you pay.  And if you are always in the Last In position, there is the risk of being First out, or gaining a lower share of the upside like incentives and share option schemes.

It is worth putting together a career plan and benchmarking any offers against your plan. If the offer is a diversion from your long term strategy, it needs very careful consideration, particularly if you have been in your current position for less than 2 years.

Some of the considerations could be:

o  Will it add to your salary without adding to your market value?

o  Will your skill set grow ie new technology skills, innovation

o  Will you have access to senior executives?

  • Sometimes being a big fish in a small pond can offer more growth than being a small cog in a big wheel, particularly in the early part of your career.
o  Are there mentorship and coaching, or formal training programs in place?

Staying in a job that is wrong for you is also counter productive. If this is the constant that leads to regular job changes, it is time to examine yourself as well as seeking objective advice.

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