Biometrics have become an increasing presence in our daily lives with the integration of them in access control, smart phones and authorization points. Daily, many of us have to identify ourselves at work, or security points at home.

Understanding that biometrics entail the unique characteristics and attributes of individuals, we look at how the use of updated software is changing our everyday activities and the benefits of implementing them into your business.

One of the core benefits of using biometric technology is that the information is not transferrable. Unlike using tags and cards, biometrics require the person’s presence whether fingerprint, voice, facial or retina recognition. This also means that biometric information is unique to individuals.

The use of identification in this form prevents the loss or theft of tags/cards, false readings in the workplace (scanning in for a friend) or the duplication of biometric information. Using passwords for multiple areas of our lives creates a challenge in remembering them all, not to mention the very real threat of hacking and information theft.

Biometrics have improved our convenience and security precautions.

With access control becoming increasingly important to our daily lives, biometrics have enhanced our convenience and security in:

  • Employee identification in the workplace
  • Time & attendance, Payroll management
  • The authorisation of payments and purchases
  • Smartphone access
  • Biometrics in Vehicles
  • Banking
  • Access control at gyms, airports, elections

Incorporating biometric technology into your business is at the forefront of security, saving you money on time & attendance, saving costs on replacing lost access cards, and tags while giving your business the power to allocate when and where your employees have access. You mayalso free up manual processing in your human resources department by authenticating and automatically calculating worked hours and spend more time growing your business

By using a high-quality system, you can ensure that your maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, guarantee on investment and a simpler way to work forward.

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