Accsys biometric solutions combine the most current hardware solutions available with the powerful Accsys PeopleWare software.


Why Accsys PeopleWare Biometrics?

Highly customisable Time & Attendance and Access Control on a single database

On Premise and in the Cloud

  • Facial recognition, fingerprint and palm (and we still do cards)
  • No touch readers for temperature and mask management access control
  • Non-tactile sensor buttons
  • Range includes IP rated clocks for outdoor use
  • Battery backups - clockings stored offline
  • Portable readers/clocks

Benefits include

System design that allows a combination of readers from our selected suppliers to create a site specific setup e.g thermal detection reader at an entrance and other biometric choices throughout the site/building.

  • Eliminating buddy clocking
  • Visitor face can be loaded pre appointment
  • Quality of fingerprint is measured and stored at time of enrolment
  • Weatherproof options available
  • GSM, wireless and mobile readers

Hardware Matrix