Recruitment is the entry point of an employee into an organisation, and often the employee’s first experience of the company.

Recruitment has become a time-consuming task for most HR practitioners, and requires a clear understanding of the role to be filled, time to sort through and read CV’s submitted, and being able to match numerous potential candidates with the role for best fit.

Let ACRecruit simplify the process for you.

With digital solutions like ACRecruit, managing placements nationally and abroad from a desktop has never been easier.

Use your usual recruitment platforms, eliciting candidate responses through a link into ACRecruit, rather than your mail inbox.

With our advanced technology, the time-consuming task of comparing CV’s to the requirements of the job description is done in seconds through Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation.

Candidates are ranked for you, and CV’s are available for checking in both original and parsed format, showing key words.

Simplified recruitment
ACRecruit saves you time and money
Recruitment solution at your fingertips


ACRecruit adds further efficiencies by enabling automation of video first interviews, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to quickly review candidates invited for interviews. This dramatically reduces the time required to find suitable candidates and simplifies the task of shortlisting for in-person 2nd interviews.

ACRecruit - shortens the time to hire, saves on recruitment costs, ensures better placement.

ACRecruit Highlights:


Reads CVs quickly and accurately

Read CV's quickly & accurately

Ranks CV’s against profile requirements

Rank CV’s against profile requirements

Automates first interviews via video, at time to suit candidate

Automated 1st Video interviews

Ask up to 10 questions for video interviews

10 questions per video interview

Removes recruiter bias

Removes recruiter bias

Quick and easy review of video interviews by recruiter and / or hiring manager

Quick & easy Interview Reviews

 Structure your own tracking system

Structure your own tracking system

Works with any electronic advertising portal / medium

Use Any Electronic Advertising Portal

Subscription based on your volumes

Subscription based on your volumes

Try out up to 50 CV’s free!

up to 50 CV’s free!
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