Teryl & Cathie discuss the importance of communication and fostering employee morale
Managing with Intent
The first week of coronavirus pandemic in South-Africa
Laffer Curve with Teryl and Jackie

Telecommuting (Working from home)
SARS and Technology
Company Tax
Susan joins Teryl, for an updated discussion on Parental leave.
Supporting article: https://lnkd.in/gfW2xF3
Teryl & Cathie give valuable advice on how South-Africans can save on Tax ahead of the 2020 Budget in Parliament on 26 February 2020 at 2pm.
Accsys Conversations with Teryl and Cathie: Gender Pay Gap Reasons.
Accsys Conversations with Teryl and Cathie: Gender Pay Gap in South Africa.
Accsys Conversations with Teryl and Brendon: 4IR in Development.
Join Teryl & Cathie as they unpack how interview questions should be answered, and what an interview panel really wants to hear.
Join Teryl and Neal as they discuss the impact load-shedding has on businesses.
In a follow up to our previous 2020 Budget Speech vlog, Teryl & Cathie shares valuable tips on saving on tax, tips include:
Contributing to retirement
Tax-free investments
Save on education through Edu-tax
Retirement Annuities

Join us for the Budget & Tax Seminar on 4 March 2020, nationwide at Accsys branches with Professor Jackie Arendse for an in-depth look at the impact tax has on South-African's.
Contact: https://bit.ly/2GIKTXD

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