Payroll is a vital part of any companies’ functions and one of the single largest expenses for many companies. It is imperative that it is done as accurately, efficiently and as reliably as possible. It is vital to ensure that any deductions, calculated wages and overtime are accounted for whilst ensuring that the organisation is maintaining all of its necessary legal compliances.

The complexity of conducting monthly payroll involves understanding several components such as:


As a small business,do you ensure that your payroll is accurate? If you are not an expert in this field, it is of utmost importance to guarantee your employees get their correct pay, and that statutory bodies receive exactly what is expected. As a large corporation, are you outsourcing your payroll? Is the person/team qualified to sufficiently handle your business’s needs? Automated systems are often put in place to ensure that employees are filling in leave, receiving payslips as well as reviewing personal information such as identity numbers, tax registration details and banking details.


Are your employees aware of their deductions? Do your employees know how unpaid leave is calculated, over-time, short term pay advances, as well as tax and UIF deductions? The riskiest part of running payrolls is ensuring that all deductions are correct, and the correct amounts paid over to all parties.


Are your employees’consultants, temp workers or full-time contractual workers? The correct classification of employees has a direct impact on their deductions. Do you pay your employees based on hours and tasks on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis?Consistency is also key for employee satisfaction.

Hours Worked and Overtime

What is classified as overtime in your company’s policies and do they abide by South African Labour Laws? Make sure that your employees know exactly what your company’s overtime policies are and that their hours worked are being recorded accurately and calculated accordingly.


Ensure you have the correct information regarding new employees, terminations (people leaving your employ) and approved leave from senior managers or your human resources team.

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