Every business has HR processes in place to manage people and performance, whether it’s an informal ‘rule of thumb’ approach or controlled by formal procedures. It’s no secret that by implementing the right system, you will be able to streamline interdepartmental processes, improve productivity and achieve a high return on investment, while maintaining employee satisfaction. But what does the ‘right’ solution look like?

We’ve put together five key capabilities that HR managers should look for in people management software to lead a more effective human resources function.

From Hire to Retire

For companies looking to solve the challenges created by siloed data sources, software that integrates Payroll, HR & Time & Attendance provides better insight into the workforce so that, together, executives and HR can make more informed decisions based on accurate, timely data.

A unified, end-to-end people management solution will give you centralised control over all HR business processes from recruitment to exit, and all the processes in between – saving you time and reducing errors.

Robust Reporting

As an HR professional, you are accountable to your executive management team for the results expected of you. This means reporting on relevant KPIs for the HR department as well as benchmarking performance and setting goals for improvement.

People management software that offers automated reporting across all fields simplifies the process of consolidating key data and extracting insights that will add value to internal discussions.

Customised to You

A good people management approach recognises that every organisation is different. A business that uses a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution might find that it does not meet all their needs or contains too many non-essential features that complicate processes and cost money.

It is important to look for a system that can be configured to meet your business processes and requirements – and scale up to meet your future needs.

Ease of Use

How easy a system is to use goes a long way to ensuring its successful adoption and optimal use. People management software should therefore be designed with an intuitive interface that’s functional and easy for your whole team to navigate, from HR and Payroll professionals, to your managers and even employees who may have access to certain features.

Consider the Cloud

The advent of online people management solutions has made it possible to save more time, be more efficient and work anywhere. With a cloud-based system, it’s also easier to stay up to date with changing rules and compliance standards with real-time updates.

Get the right solution for your business

Inefficient and complicated HR processes can impact critical aspects of your organisation. The right technology can help HR align with the goals of the business, get better insights and provide the flexibility to act more strategically.

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