Accsys, a proud member of the Business Connexion (BCX) Group, will take part in the forthcoming My World of Tomorrow (MWOT) Conference and use the opportunity to demonstrate the level of innovation that is transforming people management in business.

The MWOT Africa event is scheduled for 16 – 18 October at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

Accsys will use its presence to underline its contribution to the development and introduction of mobile applications and convergence with the Cloud to enhance HR and human capital management.

The Company’s PeopleWare MOBI app is an example of this contribution. This is a game-changing mobile extension of Accsys’ acclaimed PeopleWare people management software solutions and Employee Self Service (ESS).

The PeopleWare MOBI app can be used from any location globally to authorise leave requests, sign-off overtime payments and approve training, amongst other functions.

Key features include being able to view payslips for the current tax year, authorise any ESS request, view complete leave history, apply for leave and use GPS technology to clock into areas/ sites where traditional solutions are not practical.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys and the Company’s CTO Dr Liam Terblanche, are also scheduled to present at the event and will expound on the topic Futuristic People Management.

“There is no doubt that as the industry continues to expand, and more solutions and services become available, that the Human Resources profile will increase significantly. This is definitely an exciting market to be operating in and thanks to innovation, all companies of every size, focus and standing has access to technology will empower them to streamline processes and procedures and strengthen their ability to compete,” says Schroenn.

Leadership at Accsys say thanks to ESS and technology developments, decision makers are afforded more time to concentrate on strategy, partnerships and implementation.

“This means management can focus more on the nuts and bolts of the business, which is of substantial value in today’s market,” Schroenn adds.

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