Accsys, a proud member of the Business Connexion (BCX) Group and national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within HR, payroll and time & attendance, has won the ‘Women in the Workplace’ Award at the 2nd annual Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards is an initiative developed by Business Engage Association NPC and is designed to encourage the private sector to support efforts to achieve gender diversity in the workplace and, specifically, more meaningful representation of women.

The Awards has been established to recognise good practice and excellence by business in addressing the need for this representation in trade and commerce.

Accsys, as part of the Group being led by Isaac Mophatlane, was entered in two categories and emerged as a finalist in the ‘Women in the Workplace’ category competing against internationally recognised brands including McDonalds and Sasol.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, says as far as gender equality and representation in the workplace is concerned, the Company has a strong story to tell.

“At Accsys we’ve been able to build a model that allows us to differentiate on skills and aptitude rather than on gender,” adds Schroenn.

This model has helped bring about a board of 67% women, an Exco split of fifty-fifty and a senior leadership team that is currently 60% women. “As a company that develops and supports solutions in the people management space, it is very important to us that our value system underpins our business offering.”

In support of its unwavering commitment to the dream of an equal opportunity workplace, Accsys has initiated a number of ongoing projects including the Cell C Bring a Girl Child to Work and Boys in Business.

Schroenn explains that like any form of equalisation, gender mainstreaming needs to be a continual focus. “At Accsys we are fortunate to have a great team that has bought into our business model and culture … that assists us to be both a profitable organisation and a great place to work.”