The level of innovation, research and development that defines access control in business reflects how seriously decision makers view this facet of operations management. The ability to compete in any industry or sector today is heavily dependent on the availability of resources, and these have to be protected.

Business management solution experts say the escalating need for safety and security within the workplace is fuelling the rollout of technology, specifically biometric-based solutions.

There is a definite need for solutions and technology to ensure that only staff and known visitors are allowed onsite. Theft and damage to property are priorities as is protection from corporate espionage, cyber crime and other general security breaches.

Companies also want to apply solutions to help prevent time theft, time wasting and/ or absenteeism.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys, describes effective access control in business as a balancing act – proactively protecting resources without negatively influencing atmosphere and basic conditions of employment.

“There are certainly challenges to more widespread use of access control solutions in business…staff often feel micromanaged and constantly monitored, while visitors feel apprehensive about exposing confidential information to strangers. Ultimately, the objective is to ensure that people feel welcome at their place of work and that visitors are treated with respect,” Schroenn explains.

Biometric-based technology - particularly that which is designed to work off facial and fingerprint recognition, has emerged as a dominant resource in the access control space.

“However, there is also interest in technology that works with the iris and the palm,” she continues.

With all the technology that is now being made available businesses have a real and clear opportunity to safeguard resources and continue operating at the highest level.

Accsys’ advice is that access control has to be managed effectively and politely. This means staying ahead of innovation and of other trends impacting access control, as well as consistently reviewing processes, procedures and policies in place to ensure compliance with governance regulation as well as enhanced and faster operation.