Certificate - NQF level 4 (SAQA ID: 66169)

Certificate Modules

Introduction to Payrolls (module 1)

A general introduction to payroll and the learner is introduced to the virtual learning environment that will be used in the course, called “Moodle”. Business administration and communication (written, verbal & oral) are covered.

Payroll Legislation(module 2)

The Learner discovers team ethics, while working on a group task, focusing on the legislation affecting a payroll environment. Reflection of the teamwork is encouraged throughout. The Learner is introduced to basic tax, SDL, UIF etc.

The Payroll Administration Office (module 3)

The Learner is exposed to 3-dimensional designs, customer service and how to handle workplace conflict.

The Payroll, IT and Data (module 4)

Learners explore the importance of confidentiality within a payroll environment, IT needs, how data is stored and saved and implications of poor data management. Assignments cover payout procedures, employee movement and audits.

Calculating Pay (module 5)

The Learner is exposed to legislation controlling payroll and works through tax calculations (income, SITE, PAYE, RFI etc.). Spreadsheet tools are used challenging Excel capabilities. Mentor discussions and online learner chats are encouraged.