Accsys internship

Accsys Payroll Internship Programme

Accsys offers a 3 year learn while you earn internship programme to eligible matriculants*.
Year 1Year 2Year 3
Business Exposure 1**Support DeskProjectsFinance
Business Exposure 2Public RelationsPayrollHuman Resources
QualificationNQF 4 FET in Payroll AdministrationNQF 5 Diploma in Payroll AdministrationPreparation to enter the job market, and active assistance with this process through Accsys PeoplePlace

* Mathematical and Computer Literacy and English are required sub-minimums
** Exposure may change, depending on business requirements

A stipend to assist the learner financially is offered, which is supplemented as the learner completes modules within the required time frames and standards.

Employers are encouraged to join Accsys in this initiative, which develops a number of business skills (including Payroll).

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