Accsys Business Software

Business Management Software

Tools to boost productivity, improve efficiency and simplify processes

Accsys offers a suite of easy-to-use business applications designed to turn complex workflows into simple, automated tasks.

Info SmartStream

SmartStream provides a range of solutions for all back-office operations. Its unique enterprise design encapsulates individual tasks associated with a business process into configurable workflows that enable organisations to efficiently automate their processes.

  • Active Access for SmartStream
  • Workflow
  • Integration and drill-down capabilities
  • Fast, flexible implementation
  • Standardised application services
  • Flexible, personalised interfaces

Manage your board meetings with ease. MyBoardPack simplifies the process of distributing board packs to executive users – eliminating the need to print, compile and courier documents.

  • View meeting agendas, action points and documents
  • Document versioning
  • Automatic synchronisation and notification of changes to documents and information
  • Cost reduction
  • Multiple user levels to restrict access to sensitive sets of information and documents
  • Bookmark pages and notes for later reference
  • Improved productivity
Spreadsheet Server

Designer GL Series
Spreadsheet Server is a powerful Excel automation tool, which brings real-time data from your General Ledger directly into Excel spreadsheets, with complete drill-down details.
Features & Benefits

  • Real-time Balances
  • Account Combinations
  • Drill-down Capabilities
  • Remote Computing
  • Security Features
  • Distribution Manager
  • Designer GL Series

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